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Jean Prints

Workout Clothes For Women Designed For You

You already made the desicion to play sports, and now, What are you going to wear?

Our Sportswear is aimed at women who understand exercise not as a boredom activity but as a discipline and perseverance skill. Women who exercise looking for a good physical condition while maintaining their mental strength.

At Claudia Quintero we recognize what is important and we accompany you with comfort, quality and style in each design.

Our women’s activewear allows you all the mobility that you need while looking wonderful and expressing what you like. We have a wide variety of styles to suit all likes with vibrant colors and designs. In addition, our perfect shape designs enhances your figures.

The supplex and the fabrics that we use in our sportswear are very soft and resistant, with a total covering. It also allows a perfect fit by shaping the body and providing great comfort for any activity inside or outside the gym. They are fast-drying fabrics with humidity control in which you will always look fresh.

Find in our catalog the colors and patterns that highlight the color of your skin and the designs that fit your exercise plan and your personality.

Look different everyday with the style and comfort that can only be found in Claudia Quintero