Trends in Fitness Fashion for Men

Knee length leggings

Knee length leggings

Long sleeve shirts

sportswear for men


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Train intelligently

As the workouts evolve, the clothes also do it. Take a look at sports such as football and tennis, where athletes wear lighter garments and with advanced technologies to improve their performance. Although many of these changes are sometimes imperceptible, improvements are seen in the performance and results obtained.

In SportsWear CQ we have modern designs that will make you look great. No matter where you train, do it with comfort and confidence, since we use breathable fabrics that fit the body. So you have all the freedom to move and enjoy the physical activity you are doing.


Evolution: Sportswear For Men

Determination, strength, courage, confidence, freedom and fashion are concepts that we want to reflect in the designs of our functional clothing for men.

The commitment of our entire team is that our customers wear sports clothes in which they feel comfortable and identify themselves. In addition to all the benefits offered by our specialized fabrics.

Dare to leave behind your old outfits. Don’t limite yourself.

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